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Helping families with their pets for over 30 years.

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Bryan Woodward, Certified Trainer

Offering basic obedience training and behavior modification to help you with achieving a well-behaved dog and family member.  Bryan has over 30 years experience serving the Moreno Valley, Riverside, Perris and Redlands communities. Bryan completed the Master Trainer Certification Program through the Mandelyn Kennels School for Dog Trainers and specializes in modifying behavior issues such as aggression, barking, biting, digging and other undesirable habits, as well as teaching basic obedience for the family pet.

Private Sessions

Private appointments are available for specific behavior concerns or for those who have a puppy and would like help with getting their new family member off to a good start.  

Cost is $55/session - call (951) 316-0644 

Public Obedience Classes

Obedience classes are available through the City of Redlands Park and Recreation Department.  Bryan teaches handling skills and basic commands such as heel, sit, down, stay and come.  A class environment is an excellent setting for socializing with other dogs and people - all key elements for successful training.

Cost is $97 - call (909) 798-7572

or visit  www.cityofredlands.org/recreation dog training dog problems